Simplify Your Hospital Operations and Maximise Profitability

During the Webinar on 24 November 2022 at 4pm IST, gain insights on how myNapier has been assisting hospitals big and small with simplifying operations and maximising profitability!
  • Date & Time - 24 Nov 2022, Wednesday 4-5pm IST.
  • Topics Covered - A walkthrough on how myNapier can support hospital operations, keep up with their constant evolution and cater to hospitals of all sizes.
  • Speaker Details - Dr Varun Rohit Boyapathi, an experienced  healthcare practitioner, will be leading the conversation.

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24 Nov 2022, Wednesday, 4-5pm IST

Webinar Highlights

Over the course of the 1 hour session, this is what you can expect to takeaway from the webinar.

Business Impact That myNapier Can Bring

Gain an understanding of how an all-in-one HIS solution with over 20 modules can bring about a substantial bump in operational efficiency, leading to improved patient experience and increased revenue.

Constant Evolution For The India Market

In line with other offerings in the India market, myNapier also adopts an easy to understand subscription model. Learn about how this is structured and how to choose the right one for your hospital.

Scalability As Your 
​Business Grows

At Napier Healthcare, we seek long term relationships with our clients. Learn about the impressive scalability of myNapier and how many hospitals had been with the solution since their inception.