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Cloud-Based Hospital Information System

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Achieving Operational Efficiency & Optimal Revenue

The myNapier Hospital Information System (HIS) is a modern solution that enables medical facilities to overcome the biggest challenges in healthcare delivery today. It was created with a special focus on affordability, scalability and ease-of-use.

Shafafiya & Malaffi Integration

Experience real-time exchange of information between healthcare providers, and efficient administration of insurance-related matters.

Ease of Management

The solution allows a hospital to manage all departments, patients, and staff with ease.

Increased Revenue

The increased operational efficiency will reduce revenue leakages and stock pilferage, bringing about increased revenue.

Improved Patient Experience

A comprehensive Patient Management Portal ensures that patient wait times are minimised and better care is provided.

Key Features of MyNapier

360° Solution

All-in-one HIS solution with over 20 modules to cover every requirement for efficient operations and management of hospital

Tested & Proven

myNapier HIS solution is a proven platform that has been implemented in reputable healthcare facilities. Backed with over 20 years of HIS implementation experience, myNapier is a clear choice.

Highly Scalable

myNapier can fulfil most of the requirements of hospitals and chain of clinics. Our solution grows with your business. As your business scale up, our solution can easily support it.

Ease of Use

Built with the customer needs in mind, myNapier HIS is easy to learn and use. Functions within the modules have been tailored to meet the needs of most hospitals.

Cost Effective

Subscription model removes the need for capital expenditure spending. No upfront total licence fee and minimal infra cost involved. We have an option for those that want to go one time licence fee too.

Enhanced Security

Experienced and skilled HIS implementation services team ensures extensive protection from security breaches. This includes protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unauthorized access or damage.

Experiencing the Platform

With out-of-the-box features and an easy to use interface, the platform is designed for rapid implementation.

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